The Pursuit of Business: Services to Take Your Project to the Next Level

If you are like me, lately you have had quite a bit of time to create goals for your future. With the extra time at home, you may have even thought about opening your own business, receiving additional education and certifications, or you may want to work on other personal goals you’ve been putting off or haven’t been able to get around to. Now that you finally have a little extra time to devote to your projects, you may wonder where you should get started.



There is nothing wrong with not having all the answers on your own. We all need to tap into the number of available resources in order to get a specific job accomplished. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish will certainly determine the strategy you take going forward. Do you need outside business coaching? Where should you look to obtain additional certifications? Where should I look to obtain professional writing services? Will I need a website for what I have planned? These are all legitimate questions that you should ask yourself if you are looking to embark upon a new project. Consider your strategy and what it will take to get you to where you are trying to go.


If you aren’t sure how to start with putting together a strategy, I would certainly consider hiring a coach. Whether it be a business coach, career coach, or a life coach, a coach is someone who could certainly help you put together a strategy for whatever project you are undertaking. Hiring the services of a business coach with Transcontinental Consulting Services was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They helped me gain focus and streamline my services. They even help me to learn to think outside the box allowing me to cater to a wider clientele. A good coach will help you see your project through a fresh set of eyes allowing you to gain a new perspective you would have never seen before. It is definitely an investment worth making.

Business Services

Once you speak with your coach, you should have a better perspective of your project and be ready to take more decisive action. If starting a business, you may be looking to formalize the structure. Your coach should have already provided you with information on how to get started with this. If you need additional assistance with setting up your business there are a number of small businesses that can help with this.

Next, you will need to consider if your project will require any of the following services:

Website Hosting/Design

SEO Services

Grant Writing

Website Content

Blog Writing

Process Audits

Business Plans

Business Logo Design

Custom Designed Apparel



Market Analytics

These services can also be provided by many small businesses. The Write Touch, LLC is one of those small businesses that are a one-stop-shop so you won’t have to shop at multiple businesses for different services. You can shop at one place to obtain all the services you need. This type of business will be essential for organization, efficiency, and most importantly cost savings.

Administrative Services

As projects continue to grow, their needs continue to grow as well. The business services listed above become essential as you begin to organize and develop your projects and businesses. The advice your coach provides has made your project a success if implemented correctly however with that success comes administrative matters that must be met. You must ensure those administrative services are met by creating the following:

Financial Management

Supply Management

Database Management

Human Resources


Legal Resources

Training & Development

Information Technology

Security Management

These types of services are called organizational management and will be essential for your project to fully prosper and reach the type of success you are truly looking to obtain. One person could never take a project to its fullest height alone and you shouldn’t expect to either. By having a full team to support you and provide you the full administrative services that are necessary to support a fully prosperous project, you will finally attain the success you are striving for.

Take the time to locate the essential services your project will need to reach its fullest height of success. You shouldn’t expect to fully support any project completely on your own. Only through a great support system and wonderful resources will you be able to create the projects you’ve been aiming for and reach the success you’ve been dreaming of.