Revving Up for the New Year

Have you experienced that your New Year Resolutions tend to go by the wayside in mid-February? It can happen to all of us. What seems like a great idea loses its luster as we encounter the hard work required to accomplish it. Resolutions are hard because they can be controlled purely by willpower. “I’m going to lose 20 pounds…” or “I am going to be a nicer person…” or “I won’t speed anymore…” are all good things, but the ideas are harder to execute when not governed by a plan of action. Here at The Write Touch, we are passionate about reordering priorities and setting long and short-term goals, because this approach maintains a degree of accountability and offers measurable steps to achieve our desires. Our staff goes through the same process every new year, and we collaborate on a strategic plan for business moving forward and brainstorm ways to make the plan happen. Whether you are an individual looking for a career change or a small business owner hoping to turn a corner and become more profitable, sitting down with intentional time to plan can make a world of difference.

Strategic planning may sound intimidating, but all it entails is designing a roadmap and stops along the way to your final destination. It doesn’t need to be a complicated document. If you are a business owner, what sales goals would you like to reach, and what steps are you going to take to get there? Are you going to research and tap into a new market, or perhaps engage social media more to promote your services? Or, if you are looking to change careers, what is your new intended occupation, and what certification or training should you pursue to be a successful candidate? Here are some suggested tips for working through the planning process for maximum benefit to you or your business:

  • On a blank piece of paper, list your goals on the left and a corresponding measurable step (or multiple steps) to achieve it on the right. This method offers tangible actions and allows you to see real, measurable progress. We are less likely to give up on a goal if we see that we are on our way to getting there.

One example of business strategic planning could be:

  • Add and retain five new clients per quarter

    • Join two new business networking groups by the end of the first quarter;

    • Contact all existing clients by January 31 to encourage referrals with a gift incentive;

    • Use social media once each day and post new business content;

    • Use hashtags on every new social media post to reach a new client base;    

  • Make your measurable progress easy to achieve: the above example of a business strategic plan and goals does not sound too hard at all, right? Once you intentionally set attainable goals, you will increase your motivation to press onward toward the next one. Combined, all four of the listed steps can have a significant impact on your business operations and revenue. So, why not include many small steps that will have the equivalent effect of multiple giant steps forward for your business?

  • Ask for help with accountability: whether a friend, business partner or spouse, having someone committed to supporting you and checking in on you will spur you on to make notable progress. If it means someone is regularly and intentionally asking you about reaching the goals you have set, you are much more likely to put in the time and energy to get there. “How many jobs have you applied for this month?” or “What certification program have you enrolled in for your new career?” or “What outreach program have you implemented to contact existing clients to gain new referrals?” are all helpful questions that, coming from a trusted source, will encourage forward momentum and success in your business and personal planning.

The Write Touch offers professional accountability with career coaching and writing services to help you achieve your business, career, or personal goals. Let us help you plan for a great 2023 by collaborating to set and achieve measurable, sustainable goals and priorities. Having a plan will help prevent discouragement and stagnation and will see your ideas through to completion. Schedule a consultation with us today!