Re-Entering the Workforce: Your Guide Through the Maze

In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, author C.S. Lewis leads his protagonists, the Pevensie family of children, to a mythical land through the back of a wardrobe in an unused bedroom.  In that land of Narnia, the children encounter fantastical creatures and brave heroic adventures to save Narnia from evil.  But in Lewis’s next book, Prince Caspian, when the Pevensies return to Narnia a second time, they find it drastically different from the land they had known and loved.  Can you relate?  Have you returned to the workforce after some time away, and found it unrecognizable?

Sadly, too many of us feel lost after stepping away from the workforce (whether due to illness, life changes, or other reasons) and beginning work again at a later date.  I left the workforce in 2013 to stay at home with my two children and came back to new technology, new norms, and new skillsets that I didn’t have and were unfamiliar with. No matter how long you’ve been away, three helpful tips can guide you through the overwhelming maze and point you in the direction of where to start.

1. Do your research

When returning to the workforce, conduct some research on what jobs and companies are influential and sought-after now and why.  I started at the beginning and “read the want ads” to survey the job, company, and skills landscapes.  For example, coding has become a desirable and prestigious skillset in the nine years I’ve been at home.  It is a good tool to have in your toolbox, as many companies and jobs now favor coding experience.  Understanding what is available and advantageous in today’s workforce can help you navigate and find your niche in the job market.

2. Assess your skills and desires

After determining what types of positions are in demand, evaluate the options and consider which path you’d like to pursue.  This may take some brainstorming with a pad of paper.  Would you like to continue in the same career field or make a change?  If you would like to transition careers, what would you need to do to pursue a position in the new field?  Use your resume as a marker of your current abilities, and decide whether additional training or certifications would help you land your dream job.  What is out there and how you can get there are two major milestones on a journey back to the workforce.

3. Enlist professional help

Either or both of these categories can be difficult to assess on your own.  The Write Touch specializes in coaching individuals through career choices and researching the best ways for you to be competitive and marketable.  Another important step is updating your resume to present your skills and experience in a way that attracts potential employers.  We recommend refreshing your resume every six months, even if you are not currently job searching.  Our team’s expertise in both areas allows our clients to survey and enter the job market as desirable candidates.  Let us help you re-enter the workforce with confidence; schedule a free 15-minute consultation today!

The job market has changed exponentially in recent years, particularly during the pandemic.  Upon returning to the workforce, however long you’ve been away, you can feel lost and wondering at how much the land you previously knew has changed.  But there are ways to move forward and achieve your career goals.  Experienced professionals at The Write Touch can work with you to understand your career desires and equip you with the tools you need to fulfill them.


Written By Eva Parks: Writer at The Write Touch, LLC