Professional Engagement with LinkedIn

Do you believe LinkedIn is essentially Facebook for grownups? While it is a professional networking tool, LinkedIn promotes itself as the new resume. The platform allows potential employers (and others) to see who you are and what you do. LinkedIn highlights your work accomplishments. It demonstrates your prospective career goals. And it gives insight into your professional character and business ethic. So, if this tool is at your disposal, are you managing and using it to work for you?

As opposed to other social media, LinkedIn focuses on your professional activities and network circle rather than social ones. Business owners can showcase their company products or services. Individuals can search and apply for jobs and indicate that they are #OpenToWork. Recruiters can then easily access candidate information in their searches. Industry professionals can collaborate with peers or branch out and network along new lines, and explore new markets for their expertise. Professional possibilities are endless if you craft a LinkedIn profile that makes you visible and marketable to the workforce.

When beginning with LinkedIn, you should ask yourself two questions:

     1. What is my purpose for using LinkedIn?

     2. What do I want to convey?

The first question addresses the type and format of your LinkedIn profile, and the second focuses on how you will portray yourself or your company. The categories of information you provide will tailor your LinkedIn experience and boost your profile. You can highlight your professional publications or noteworthy mentions. You can promote your education and work experience. You can use keywords to describe yourself or your company that will target related searches. And you can include on your page endorsements or recommendations from clients or peers that will advertise you as a successful businessperson.

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By: Eva Parks – Writer at The Write Touch LLC